Very soon the child's mobile phone addiction will be gone, just have to do this work

Very soon the child’s mobile phone addiction will be gone, just have to do this work

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Nowadays, the craze of mobile phones and online games among children has increased so much that most of the children spend the whole day with mobile phones. Now cases of children getting killed due to mobile phones have started coming to the fore. Recently, a case came to the fore where a 16-year-old minor died by hanging himself when his family members did not return the smartphone. Do not know how many such incidents are happening in the country and the world. On the other hand, if you are also troubled by the habit of using more mobile of your child, then we are telling you some tips through which the habit of using mobile of the child can be reduced or eliminated.  

Keep children away from mobile with the help of these tips 

  • If your child also uses mobile throughout the day, then spend time with him yourself, give him love and do not give mobile at all. If the child is busy with your talk, then the habit of mobile can be reduced.
    Start sending the child to any class according to his interest, like paintings, dancing, music etc.
    If your child If it is free, then according to his ability, get him to do many household chores, so that he also becomes self-reliant.
    To keep your child away from mobile, bring him closer to nature. Ask him to take care of the plants. 
    A great way to keep the child away from smartphones and online games is to bring him a pet so that he can spend the whole day in it.&nbsp ;
    The most important thing in this is that you yourself should use mobile only when it is needed at home. If you use less, then the child will also use it less. 



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