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Today we will review about vivo s1 mobile and vivo s1 price in pakistan so read the full review of vivo s1.

vivo s1 price in pakistan

vivo lounche his vivo s1 mobile phone in Pakistani market in 3300 pkr.

Looks stylish

vivo s1 is beautiful smartphone comes in two colors. Skyline Blue and Diamond Black. I am using the Skyline Blue color version and it is an eye treat. Very fresh, very beautiful. It is a well-designed phone, which is well curved at the edges and makes it easy to hold the phone in your hands. In this price bracket, vivo s1 tops the list of best looking phones.

vivo s1 design

The Vivo smartphone is generally sleek and well-designed, and is no exception. vivo s1 plays on a 6.38-inch display with a small deodrop style icon on top. Vivo has opted for an AMOLED panel, and vivo s1 plays a fingerprint scanner in a display. There are thin bezels on the sides of the display, but the bottom chin is relatively thick.
It has a wonderful diamond pattern design and a back of pieces with gradual fading of color. Depending on how the light hits the rear panel, diamond patterns emerge, which are attractive.

However, we are not very big fans of vivo s1‘s back panel, as it easily gets scratched. We like Corning Gorilla Glass, as seen on the Redmi Note 7 Pro (review). vivo s1 has a triple camera module that is slightly extended but has a metal rim around it to prevent scratching.

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Big and bright screen

Not only from the previous panel, but the new vivo s1 also looks great from the front. Like some recently launched Vivo phones, the S1 also comes with a Hello Full View display. Simply put, the waterdrop mark. The mark increases the screen-to-body ratio and provides a great multimedia experience as a result.

I have been using vivo s1 as my main tool for about a week now. This means that every day I use my smartphone to play games, watch movies or watch videos, chat on WhatsApp, browse social media apps and do other things. I loved the experience in almost every scenario.


Vivo has chosen a round plastic frame that makes it easy to hold the smartphone in your hand. The back frame does not match at all, and you may feel some kind of edge when you hold the phone. The Vivo has a power button on the right side with a volume button, and they are easily accessible.

vivo s1

vivo s1 specifications and software

vivo s1 is the first smartphone in India to run on the new MediaTek Helio P65SC. Vivo has launched three versions of vivo s1 in India: Entry Level One which has 4 GB RAM and 128 GB storage. The second one has 6GB of RAM but 64GB of storage.

vivo s1 is a dual SIM device with two nano SIM slots and a dedicated microSD card slot. vivo s1 comes packed in a 4500mAh battery and you get an 18W fast charger in the box.

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vivo s1 performance, battery life, and cameras

vivo s1 is one of the first to run MediaTek’s latest silicon, supporting the recently announced Helio P65 processor. It would be difficult to upgrade the chip set to the Helio P60. Unlike the Helio P60, which serves as a balance between the Cortex A73 and Cortex A57 cores, the Helio P65 has six Cortex A55 cores with two Cortex A75 cores. The biggest difference here is that multi-thread performance is slightly lower. The GPU is downgraded from Mali G72 to Mali G52. The phone gets some upgrades in the NPU department, which may have some utility for AI-based applications, but by and large it is not as efficient as the previous generation of MediaTek processors.

In Into to Benchmark, vivo s1 managed to produce 146,142 watches, no more prominent than the 145,999 received through the Oppo A9. vivo s1 passed Jake Bench 4’s single-core and multi-core tests at 1,853 and 6,034 respectively. In the graphics benchmark, the smartphone clocked 36 fps on the GFX Bench T-Rex and 12 fps on the GFX Bench Manhattan 3.1.

PUBG Mobile runs on vivo s1 through a moderately balanced set and frame rate with a medium preset. We played the game for 20 minutes that touch the phone. We saw a 5% battery drop after this long gaming.

vivo s1

The battery

vivo s1 provides good battery life and we can last up to one and a half days on one charge. During this cycle, we ran all our parameters, for one or two camera samples, and a WhatsApp account on the device. We kept the charger provided for testing and it managed to charge the battery up to 34% in 30 minutes and 65% in an hour.


vivo s1 performed well in our audio tests. The headphone jack produces fast and neutral audio. More common earphones will work. Basic earphones are provided in the box to get you started, but you perform better by pushing a better pair.

On the bottom, a speaker gets louder, but leaves a bit of audio quality to be desired. I don’t want to use it for listening to music, but it’s fine for calls or alarms.

vivo s1

The camera

Vivo has chosen the triple camera setup behind vivo s1. On the front, this phone has a 32-megapixel selfie shooter with f / 2.0 aperture.

The camera app is similar to the one we saw in the Vivo Z1 Pro and has many options to choose from. It has HDR, direct image, filter, aperture format and toggle between regular and wide angle lenses. Apart from photo and video modes, it also offers Peno, AR stickers, funny videos, documentation and a Pro mode. Entertainment video includes background audio when you record the video.

Photos taken with vivo s1 were below average for smartphones at this price point. In broad daylight, the phone quickly focuses but we noticed that the photo was damaged. The descriptions were acceptable, and the text was repetitive at a distance. The same view was better exposed when using ultra wide angle sensors. However, in this case, the photographs lost their description.