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Smartphones have become bigger and heavier in the desire for better battery life. While the better ones are better with this trade-off for better battery life, others still prefer to. If you are one of the latter, Vivo now has an option for you as Vivo V20. With a strong focus on the design, Vivo claims to have shrunk the internal components and used high-density batteries to eliminate a few millimeters of bite. As a result, the V20 is only 7.38 mm thick. Did Vivo cut corners elsewhere due to this focus on design? I came to know through all my regular tests using Vivo V20.

Vivo V20 design

Vivo’s focus on design is very clear with this phone. Vivo V20 is attractive and will appeal to those who value design. It is thin and has rounded corners to make it comfortable to hold. You get a 6.44-inch AMOLED display with 20: 9 aspect ratios and full HD + resolution. The Vivo V20 has gone with the dodrop mark, which is a bit surprising as both sport Vivo V17 and Vivo V19 sport hole-punch. Like the older model, you get a fingerprint scanner on the display.

I had a sunset raga version for this review, which has lost its color gradient. This particular type is 1G heavy and has a thickness of 7.48 mm. The back panel is made of glass and has a matte finish that helps keep fingerprints away from the device. However, I found that Vivo V20 was a bit slippery, so I hesitantly put a plastic case in the device to protect it from accidental drops.

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Vivo V20 specifications and software

Vivo V20 features are very minor. You have Qualcomm Snapdragon 720G SC ​​running, it has 8GB RAM. It is not the most powerful processor you will find in the market at this price point, but with 8GB of RAM, performance should not be an issue.Vivo V20

Vivo V20 is still one of the few phones to run Android 11 out of the box. It runs Vivo’s custom FinTech OS 11 at the top of Google’s operating system. V was running a 20 September security patch, which is recent. I found the UI easy to use and I had no issues. The phone comes with some built-in pre-installed software, such as Vivo V20 and the V-App Store, as an alternative to the Google Play Store.

Vivo V20 display

Vivo V20 has a crisp AMOLED display which is great for watching online videos. Viewing angles are good, and the panel becomes sharper when you go out. However, this is not a high refresh rate panel. You can adjust the color mode of the display and even set the color temperature based on your choice. I could easily play and multi-task with Vivo V20 without any pause or hesitation. The fingerprint scanner on these displays, as well as facial recognition, was quick to unlock the V20.

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The V20 managed to amaze me with its benchmark score. At N-Tattoo, it returned 2,82,525 points, far more than the management of the Samsung Galaxy M51. In the PC Mark’s Work 2.0 trial, Vivo V20 returned 7,497 points. The V20 managed 27 FPS and 60 FPS in the GFX Bench Manhattan 3.1 and T-Rex benchmarks, respectively.

Gaming test

Gaming performance was decent, and Vivo V20 had a call for a fee at medium frame graphics quality at a high frame rate. Then I hit high quality graphics and played for 20 minutes, resulting in a 5% reduction in battery level. The phone was a bit hot to touch after gaming, but not dangerously so. Such casual games between us played well without any problems.

I got good battery life from Vivo V20. In our HD video loop test, the smartphone lasted 14 hours and 39 minutes, which is significantly lower than other smartphones available at this price. Quick charging with supplied 33W flash charger. It can take 55% off V20 in 30 minutes and 98% in an hour.

Vivo V20

Vivo V20 camera

The phone also has a 44-megapixel selfie shooter with i-autofocus. The camera app is very easy to use and the various shooting modes are well organized. In photo mode, you can take wide angle, bokeh or macro shots by tapping on the lens icon. AI is very fast for searching articles and visuals.

Photo taken in bright sunlight turned out well. The V20 can still handle good detail in these shots with good colors. The wide-angle camera also provided good quality, but the output was not as sharp as the primary camera and the lack of detail on the zooming inside was obvious.

The low-light camera performed well. The noise in the pictures was low and the details in bright areas were decent. Enabling Night Mode improved the level of detail, but shots were not necessary. It takes 4-5 seconds to take a shot in night mode, so you have to keep the phone steady. During comparison, the wide-angle camera captures darker night shots with lower levels of detail.