Want to make WhatsApp chat fun, then follow these tricks

Want to make WhatsApp chat fun, then follow these tricks

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WhatsApp Chatting Tricks: If you use WhatsApp, then you will be sending and receiving many messages throughout the day. These usually include text, photos, videos, audios, documents, emoji and stickers. WhatsApp constantly updates its features, so that users can get a new experience. Today we are telling you some such tricks, which will make your chatting experience better.

send message without typing
WhatsApp users can send messages to any person without even typing. For this, they will have to take the help of Google Assistant. If you do this, you can save a lot of time. You can send the biggest message in the shortest possible time.

Pin the required chat
In every user’s contact list, there are some people who often interact through WhatsApp. If you pin their chat, you will see that chat at the top. You can pin your important chats and keep them on top.

Use Emoji, Gif
You can use emoji and gifs instead of words to make the chat attractive. With this you can express your feelings in a very short time. You get many types of emojis and gifs in WhatsApp.

change chat wallpaper
You can change the wallpaper of your WhatsApp chat. For this, you have to go to WhatsApp’s settings and click on Chat. Here you will get the option of Wallpaper. You can choose one of the wallpapers given here as per your choice.

Disappear the chat
Through this feature of WhatsApp, you can automatically delete chats older than 7 days. If you turn on this feature by going to the contact’s profile, then 7 days old chat will automatically disappear. With this feature, you can easily make old messages disappear.

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