What are the types of oxygen concentrators?  Know how it works

What are the types of oxygen concentrators? Know how it works

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The number of corona patients is increasing daily in India. Now this virus has spread to the village-countryside. In such a situation, there is a shortage of hospitals, beds and oxygen. Many people are dying due to lack of oxygen in hospitals. However, the government is constantly trying to meet the lack of oxygen. But still many people are not getting oxygen cylinders. Meanwhile, many people are working with an oxygen concentrator. Corona virus is directly attacking your lame, so many people are having breathing problems.

Due to this growing problem of people, the demand for oxygen concentrator has also increased very fast. Although a lot of people are not aware of it. Today we are giving you information about the oxygen concentrator. How does it work and how is it.

What is an oxygen concentrator?
An oxygen concentrator is a device that filters oxygen from ambient air. If the oxygen level of a patient is 90-94 percent, then you can be breathed with an oxygen concentrator. You will not have trouble breathing.

How does an oxygen concentrator work?
Explain that there is only 21 percent oxygen in the atmosphere. The rest is 78 percent nitrogen and 1 percent other gas. Now the oxygen concentrator filters only oxygen from the air and releases the other gas back. By this, the patient can get 90-95 percent oxygen.

When is an oxygen concentrator needed?
Experts say that if the oxygen level is 90-94 percent, the oxygen concentrator can help in breathing, but if the oxygen level goes below this, you need to be admitted to the haxipat immediately. Oxygen concentration will not be relaxed if oxygen level reaches below 90 percent.
Difference between oxygen concentrator and oxygen cylinder

Oxygen cylinders contain medical grade oxygen. Which contains about 99 percent concentrated oxygen. The air present in it is pressurized. This causes oxygen to be supplied to the patient at an extremely high flow rate. An oxygen cylinder supplies about 15 liters of oxygen in one minute. It has to be refilled.
At the same time, the oxygen concentrator can operate 24×7. But they are not able to give pressurized oxygen. With this, only 5-10 liters of oxygen can be supplied in 1 minute. Therefore it is not suitable for seriously ill patients.

What are the types of oxygen concentrators?

In the market, you will find two types of oxygen concentrators –

1- Home Oxygen Concentrator- You can also use it at home. These contractors work with electricity. They need power from the wall socket to operate. Such concentrators provide more oxygen than portable concentrators. Therefore, they are considered a better option for serious conditions

2- Portable Oxygen Concentrator- You can take them anywhere. They do not require continuous power from the wall socket to operate. They have an in-built battery. Once fully charged, it works for 5-10 hours. However, there is limited flow of oxygen in it. It is not considered appropriate for a serious patient.

Take care of special things while buying oxygen concentrator
You have to take care of capacity while buying oxygen concentrator. They are of different sizes. Home oxygen concentrators are available in 5L and 10L capacities. Try to buy a concentrator with a higher oxygen concentration level. They are priced between 40 thousand and 1 lakh in the market.

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