WhatsApp Pink क्या है और यह कैसे यूज़र्स की निजी जानकारियां चुरा रहा है...?

What is WhatsApp Pink and how does it steal users’ personal information …?

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If you are being asked to download WhatsApp through a link in a message, be careful. Because downloading the app by clicking on the link can hack all your data. Yes, these days an app by the name of WhatsApp Pink has come up for discussion. The reason is that if you download this app then the app steals your phone’s data. Through this app, hackers can control your phone. Let us tell you about this app in detail.

What is WhatsApp Pink and how does it steal users' personal information ...?

Fake WhatsApp is stealing data

Actually, a message is sent to the users, which contains a link. Pink colored WhatsApp shows as soon as the link is clicked. Users are told about this app that it gives an experience similar to WhatsApp. Also, it has more features than WhatsApp. If you download this app, then immediately a malicious app will be automatically downloaded in your phone. Please tell that whatsapp pink has no relation with whatsapp or facebook.

Expert gave information to Gizbot Hindi

Regarding the app, cyber security researcher Rajasekhar Rajhariya gave a tweet about it. He told how these days people are being seduced by WhatsApp Pink. Screenshots have also been shared in the tweet. Rajasekhar Told Gizbot Hindi that once installed, this fake WhatsApp starts circulating a message automatically, which says that click on this link to download.

The intention of hackers is to steal more and more users’ data through this app. He said that people of police department and media department are being targeted through WhatsApp Pink. Rajasekhar told that a police inspector in Delhi, Donor Ram Yadav, had informed him about this app.

Be careful before clicking on the link

At the same time, WhatsApp has also said that in this way suspicious messages can be sent to anyone. Message or any other than whatsapp Internet service You can also receive this link or message on the app. But be careful before you open any link. WhatsApp has appealed that all users should use the tools provided in WhatsApp such as report, report a contact and block contact.

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