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WhatsApp is bringing a great feature for voice messages, the fun of chatting will be doubled

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Instant messaging app WhatsApp recently updated its voice message feature, through which users can listen to voice messages at three different speeds. At the same time, now the company is bringing another update in this feature. Its name is Global Voice Message Player feature. This feature is currently in the testing phase and can be rolled out to the users in the coming days. Let us know what will be special in this.

will work like this
According to the latest report by WABetaInfo, which monitors WhatsApp’s updates, with the help of this global voice message feature, users will be able to listen to incoming voice messages even outside the chat window. So far it happens that if you are listening to a voice message in a chat and if you leave the chat then the message is closed automatically. But now it will not happen.

Can play and dismiss
The Global Voice Message Player feature will be on top of WhatsApp, so that it will appear in any section in the users app. According to the report, in this feature, users will have the option to play or dismiss the voice message anytime.

This feature will also be launched
WhatsApp is going to bring a new multi-device support feature for its users. This feature is currently in the testing phase. With the help of this, users will be able to run the same WhatsApp account in two devices. This will be very helpful for such users who want to run the same account in different smartphones. This feature will be rolled out for both Android and iOS platforms.

Rollout for all users
According to the report of WaBetaInfo, which monitors the updates of WhatsApp, the company is currently working on this feature. With this feature, users will be able to run WhatsApp account in more than one device. At present, only one account can be run on four devices in the app. But this multi-device feature was available only for beta users, but now it is going to be rolled out to all users.

will work like this
According to the report of WaBetaInfo, when users run WhatsApp on the main device, the app will sync the chat history and when this account is linked on the other device, the app will download the messages from the server. The special thing is that even if the main device’s internet is turned off, even then WhatsApp will continue to run in the other device.

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