WhatsApp is bringing very special feature, Android users will be able to transfer chat on iOS

WhatsApp is bringing very special feature, Android users will be able to transfer chat on iOS

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This year, instant messaging app WhatsApp is going to have many fun features. According to reports, the company is coming with a new feature soon, through which Android users can transfer their chats to iOS. This feature is going to be very special for those who are migrating from Android to iOS. Let’s know how this feature will work and what will be the benefit of it.

Chat disappears now
Right now the app does not have this feature. If a user migrates to iOS instead of Android phone, then his chat history disappears and some important chat is missed. But after the introduction of this feature, the chat of Android users will be transferred to iOS.

Third party app will not be needed
According to Wabetainfo, which monitors the news of WhatsApp, the chat history migration feature is still being tested. After the rollout of this feature, there will be no need to use third-party apps like WhatsApp Plus.

This way you will be able to transfer chat
After the arrival of the chat history migration feature, when the user has to update his WhatsApp account. After this you will get the chat transfer option in it. Wabetainfo shared a screenshot of this, in which you can see the Android phone on par with the iPhone.

Will be special for multi-tasking feature
According to reports from Wabetaiinfo, the chat migration feature will be very useful for multi-device support of WhatsApp. The multi-device option is also very beneficial for users. This too is currently in testing phase. With the help of this feature, users will be able to use WhatsApp account on multiple devices simultaneously.

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