You will be able to read messages without opening WhatsApp chat, know this amazing trick

WhatsApp Tips: You can send the same message to 264 people simultaneously, know the details of the feature

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In the instant messaging app WhatsApp, you get many such great features, which do not easily go unnoticed by the users. One such feature is New Broadcast. Many times it happens that we have to send a particular message to many people and we personally send messages to those people one by one. But through this broadcast feature, we can send the same message to many people simultaneously. You don’t even need to create a group for this.

send message to multiple people at once
The New Broadcast feature of WhatsApp is very special. With its help, you can send the same message to 256 people simultaneously. You do not even need to create a group for this. You can send this message to so many people through broadcast list. Let us know how this feature works.

feature will work like this
To use New Broadcast, first open WhatsApp on the smartphone.
After this you will see three dots in the top right side, click on them.
Now many options will come in front of you in this, out of which you will have to select New Broadcast.
As soon as you click on New Broadcast, the contact list will come in front of you.
Now select whomever you want to send the message to.
After doing this a chat window will come in front of you.
Now whatever message you send at the end, you can send it to all of them by clicking on the green tick.

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