WhatsApp's iOS users will soon get these features, know how the experience will change

WhatsApp’s iOS users will soon get these features, know how the experience will change

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Instant messaging app WhatsApp has released a new update version 2.21.71 for its iOS users. Along with this, iOS is going to get many work features. Among them, the most special feature is under which users will be able to view the photo without opening it. For iOS users, WhatsApp will now show previews before photos and videos, so that users will be able to view content quickly without opening the file.

This feature will also be rolled out soon
Apart from this, WhatsApp is also going to rollout a very special feature which many users were waiting for. Now the group chat dispensing message feature is coming in the app, through which other members of the group apart from the admin will also be able to dispatch the message. For this, the administrator has to give the members access to it. Before this, only the group admin could make the message disappear.

Disappearing message time will decrease
WhatsApp allows disarming message users to send messages that are automatically deleted after seven days. For example, if a user does not open WhatsApp within seven days, the message disappears automatically, but the preview of the message remains visible in the notification until WhatsApp opens. The company is preparing to reduce the time of dispatching message from seven days to 24 hours.

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