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WhatsApp’s new sticker pack named ‘Happier Than Ever’ music album, know the details

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Animated stickers of the popular instant messaging app WhatsApp are very much liked by the users all over the world for their best features. At the same time, now WhatsApp has added new animated and other sticker packs to its app. WhatsApp has partnered with famous American singer Billie Eilish for its new animated sticker pack. Let us know what is special in this.

Sticker pack launched in the name of album
Actually, Billie Eilish has introduced a new album ‘Happier Than Ever’, whose title track was in a lot of discussions. Its popularity became so much that the company has launched its new sticker pack in the name of Happier Than Ever. Regarding this, WhatsApp wrote on Twitter that, “Are you feeling Happier Than Ever? Share your feeling on WhatsApp with Billie Eilish’s album.”

that’s the size
WhatsApp also shared a video with this Twitter post, in which ‘Happier Than Ever’ can also be seen. You can download this latest sticker pack directly from WhatsApp. Apart from this, these sticker packs can also be downloaded from the link given by the company on Twitter. If you also want to use the sticker pack of 1.2MB size, then let’s know how to do it.

This is how you can use WhatsApp’s new sticker pack

To use WhatsApp’s new sticker pack, simply open WhatsApp and go to the chat of the person you want to send the sticker.
After that scroll down and tap on the emoji icon and go to Sticker.
Now tap on the ‘+’ sign to download the new pack.
After doing this, you will see a sticker pack named ‘Happier Than Ever’ on the top.
Now you can download and use this pack easily.

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