Xiaomi is launching new charging technology, the phone will charge in just so many minutes

Xiaomi is launching new charging technology, the phone will charge in just so many minutes

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If you also have to charge the smartphone frequently and it takes a long time for the phone to charge, then there is good news for you. Actually, China’s popular smartphone company Xiaomi will unveil its new charging technology today. With the help of this technology, the battery of the upcoming phone will not only be fine, but it will also charge the phone full in a very short time.

The phone will be charged in a short time
Xiaomi has given 120 W fast charging support in its phone, but now the company is bringing HyperCharge Fast Charging Technology in front of the world, so that the smartphones will be fully charged in less than an hour. Through this technique, the complaints about the battery of the users will be removed.

New record can be name
Xiaomi can launch its new charging technology in the name of New Record. It is expected that the company will introduce 150 or 160 W fast charging technology. However, it is still a suspense whether the upcoming new technology will be wireless or not. Recently there were reports that this year the company is going to bring 200W fast charging technology. This technology will come with wired, wireless and reverse charging support.

Mi Air Charge Technology
At the same time, this year Xiaomi has also introduced the remote charging technology Mi Air Charge. With the help of this technology, multiple devices can be charged under a wireless system simultaneously without any cable. In this, users just have to stand in front of the charger and the device will start charging automatically. This charging technology uses a self-developed isolated charging pile that generates charging energy in the air to charge the device.

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