Xiaomi Mi 11

Xiaomi Mi 11, camera, release date, features and price

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Xiaomi Mi 11

Although Xiaomi Mi 11‘s release was expected in February or March 2021, we can see it much earlier, as its initial launch on December 28 has been confirmed. We will probably be able to buy this item in 2021. Possibly, and not surprisingly, the company’s popularity increased between 2019 and 2020.

It has been some time since the Xiaomi Mi10 and Mi10 Pro launched, and the company has announced plans to roll out phones such as the Black Shark 3, Redmi Note 9S, Poke mon و mon F2 Pro and Xiaomi Mi10T. Has overtaken those who flag. But while Xiaomi has moved beyond its flagship flagship line of 2020, we’re not – we’ve been using these devices regularly since we put our hands on them, and that’s what makes us the future MI . Is excited about the phones through which the company will push its phones forward. .

We expect that by the end of the year we will see Xiaomi Mi Note 11 following in the footsteps of last year’s stunning Mi Note 10, a handset that has a mid-range price but has a lot of better features in premium phones. Neither do I.

After that, we should see Xiaomi Mi 11 in early 2021. This is probably the company’s main device (well, a collection of devices, if any, including the Lite and Pro models), along with some advanced hardware and software. We had hardly heard of Xiaomi Mi 11 until early November, but there seems to be some kind of floodgate open because they started pouring water.

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Xiaomi Mi 11

Xiaomi Mi 11 release date and price

Xiaomi has confirmed the launch date of Mi 11 for December 28, a date that puts it ahead of early 2020 rivals such as the Oppo Find X3, Samsung Galaxy S21 and Huawei P50. However this is just a Chinese launch, and we will see a global event, including availability and pricing, a month or so outside of China. Following the launch of China in mid-February, the global launch of Xiaomi Mi M10 comes at the end of March.

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The Xiaomi Mi10 is priced at £ 799 / AU 69 1,699 (approx. 0 1,040), and the Mi10 Pro is priced at AU $ 1,999 (approx. 2 1,290, £ 1,030), so we’ll see higher prices in the next phone until Xiaomi Does not return to its Mi9. Pricing (since this phone started at half the price of the Mi 10 Pro). We’ve heard about the price increase for Xiaomi Mi 11, and we’ll be posting cost conversions, as well as what size they are. The Chinese price was just leaked information, conversions were done by us.

News and rumors

The only confirmed information from Xiaomi Mi 11 is that this Snapdragon 888 chipset will use Qualcomm’s latest top-end processor. Xiaomi announced at the beginning of the chip set.

We have heard some Xiaomi Mi 11 leaks so far. What to do with the chipset used in the first phone – At the time of this leak, we thought that Qualcomm’s next processor was the Snapdragon 875, although it is called the Snapdragon 888. Old leaks referring to chip leaks. Its former name will remain motionless, so we are not changing the words of the leak. Apparently it will be a Snapdragon 875, paired with 6GB of RAM, which is slightly less than the 8GB RAM from the Mi-10. So let’s see if we accept this as true.

reduced cost

As we said, there was a big difference between the Xiaomi Mi9 and Mi10 models. Characters are, after all, very expensive phones and they do not always outperform competitors of similar value. Xiaomi is known for offering high-end phones at mid-range prices, and the Mi 10 series has lost its sales pitch with its high prices. We want to see the Xiaomi Mi 11 line return to the mid-range price point – this price is not to be reduced from the Mi Note 10, which we call ‘low mid range’, but actually attracts the Mi 11 phone. Should be cheaper than the MI10 range.

Xiaomi Mi 11

If Xiaomi is convinced that it needs a Mi-10 device like the Mi-10s to be expensive, we would at least want the phone to see that the price is slightly better.

Better cameras in the standard model

While the Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro was a camera powerhouse, the standard Mi 10 was not so – it didn’t have telephone photos for zoomed shots, but with depth sensing and macro snapper that greatly improved photography. Did not com. The Mi 10 Pro has two sensors with a telephone lens, which is just plain greedy when its younger siblings don’t have anything.

Weak depth sensing and macro snipers also need to be removed or improved – we see that a large number of smartphones with these lenses are equipped with 2MP sensors, and they are rarely used in photography. Improvements should either hit them at 5MP or more, as we have seen, they may be useful on other handsets, or they have only been removed to save their money.

MIUI improvements

In every review of Xiaomi phones (which we are getting sick of for criticism), one of them is MIUI, the Android fork used in Xiaomi phones. The MIUI has a Bluetooth problem, as it comes with a large number of pre-installed apps, when you spend a good half-hour removing it after setting up your phone.

Also annoying is the feature that the operating system automatically scans for new applications you have installed for malware – but this is beyond what you are told. We are fans of safe devices, but for keeping the app safe. We do not want to skip meetings, games and other activities.

Xiaomi Mi 11

A 120 Hz screen

Xiaomi Mi10 has a 90Hz screen, which means that the display refreshes every 90 seconds. This smooths the speed, thus exceeding 60 Hz which is standard on smartphones, but quite a few devices also use smooth 120 Hz.

We want to see how Xiaomi Mi 11 uses the 120Hz screen, scroll through menus, click through to its Twitter feed, and play some games more enjoyable.

Speakers are in a different location

We want Xiaomi speakers at different locations, so it is not easy to cover them with the palm of one hand. This will make it so easy to enjoy media on the phone without accidentally rotating it all.