You can also find blue ticks in front of your name on Twitter, learn how to apply for it

You can also find blue ticks in front of your name on Twitter, learn how to apply for it

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Microblogging site Twitter is starting its verification process. After which you can also get a blue tick on your Twitter account. However, for this, you will have to fit into the category mentioned on Twitter. If you fit in these categories, you will also be able to get blue ticks. Now the question is, how to apply for this, then we are answering your question. We will tell you how anyone can apply for a blue tick.

Who can apply for blue tick?
According to Twitter, to get a blue tick, it is mandatory for the user’s account to be authentic, notable and active. In this, Authentic means original. Whereas Notable means that it is necessary to fit in one of the six categories that Twitter has created. This category is government, company or brand and organization, news organization or journalist, entertainment, sports and gaming and activist.

Will have to provide this information
Apart from these, with the Twitter account being active, it means that if you have been using the account continuously for the last six months, then it means that you are fully active. Also your account should have your information like name and profile picture. Not only this, there should also be an email address and mobile number in your account. Apart from this, you have not been banned by Twitter due to violation of rules. If you fit in it, you can apply for blue tick.

How to apply
If you believe Twitter, then to apply for blue tick, you will have to go to the settings of your Twitter account and click on Request Verification. Although this button is not visible right now, but soon it will be visible. By clicking on this button, you will have to select your category from the given category and also give proof by giving an ID card. Apart from this, a link has to be given to the official website, which gives the confirmation of your Twitter account.

Mail will come from Twitter
After completion of application process, you will get mail from Twitter after few days. If your application is approved, then automatically a blue tick will be placed in front of your account. And yes, if you are not included in these categories of Twitter, then after some time, Twitter is going to add more categories to it.

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