You can also read the deleted messages of WhatsApp, follow this simple trick

You can also read the deleted messages of WhatsApp, follow this simple trick

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Instant messaging app WhatsApp & nbsp; There are also millions of users all over the world because this app has many features according to the convenience of the users. Apart from chatting, it has special features like voice calling and video calling. By the way, WhatsApp has a Disappearing Message feature, in which the messages sent on WhatsApp are deleted. But many times we have to read some important messages that have been deleted. In such a situation, you should know how you can read the deleted message of WhatsApp. Today we are going to tell you a trick. Let’s know what is this simple trick.

Once you delete a message on WhatsApp, you cannot read it. No such feature is present in WhatsApp, but with a trick you can also read the deleted message. However, for this you will need to download the third party app. You can do this if you want.

Read deleted messages like this
To read the deleted messages, you have to download the third party application WhatsRemoved +.
After the WhatsRemoved + app is installed on the phone, open the term end and Agree on the condition.
For the app to work, you have to give access to the phone notifications.
If you agree with it, then click on the Yes option.
After that click on those apps Select those who want to be saved from notifications.
Now just enable WhatsApp message and then click continue.
Apart from this, other options will also be available which include Facebook, Instagram.
JIS Select the file you want to save.
Now you will go to a page where all deleted messages will appear.
You have to click on the WhatsApp option next to the Detected option at the top of the screen.
After enabling these settings you can read all deleted WhatsApp messages.

Note – Let us know that we are just giving you information about this app, if you wish, download this app. If you do not believe such apps or believe that there is some kind of danger, then do not download these apps at all. WhatsApp does not give you any such feature.

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