You will be able to click great photos from your smartphone, follow these tips

You will be able to click great photos from your smartphone, follow these tips

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Smartphone PhotographyCamera is the most important part of the smartphone today. The popularity of a phone depends a lot on its phone quality. There are many such phones in the market now whose camera quality is very good. Many companies are providing good cameras even in cheap phones. Even professional photography can be done with the cameras of many phones. But still there are some tips by which you can improve your phone’s camera even more. Whatever be the quality of the phone’s camera, these tips will always help you while taking photos. Know what those methods are.

white balance

  • White balance is essential for photo quality and better colors.
  • Clicking a photo without adjusting the white balance can spread colors, affect brightness and contrast.
  • Always keep the white balance mode of the camera on. For this, use the automatic white balance (AWB) features of the camera.

lens distortion

  • Objects are poorly visible with the lens of many cameras. The cover quality also deteriorates at the edges of the photo.
  • Photos taken with a wide angle lens often appear raised. This is called lens distortion.
  • An easy step to improve this is to focus the camera on the object with the same focal length.


  • It is important to keep the hand steady while taking the photo.
  • The photo may be blurred due to hand movements or strong wind during photography.
  • To avoid this problem, use a tripod. The camera can be fixed with the help of a tripod.

crooked horizon

  • While taking photos, keep in mind the horizon or horizon. It is also called sky line.
  • The object is not clearly visible due to haze in the weather.
  • Many cameras also have the option of virtual horizon, with the help of which it can be corrected.

increase aperture

  • The aperture of the photo should be completely correct.
  • Users should increase the ISO sensitivity to fix the aperture.

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