You will definitely like these 4 new features of WhatsApp, know about them

You will definitely like these 4 new features of WhatsApp, know about them

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WhatsApp Features: An interesting thing about the Facebook-owned messaging app WhatsApp is that it is constantly adding new features to its platform. While some of these new rollouts improve the functioning of existing features, others add a variety of functionality to the platform. Due to these updates, WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging platforms in the world. People from all parts of the world use it to communicate and stay in touch with their family and friends and they can do so in many interesting ways.

WhatsApp has added many new features to its platform in the last few days. If you missed the update, then we are going to tell you about it:-

Web media editor: While using WhatsApp on a computer, if you want to edit an image that you’ve been sending before, you can’t do it on WhatsApp Web and you’ll have to go back to your phone. To help rectify this situation, WhatsApp recently added a media editor feature to its web-based interface called WhatsApp Web. This feature enables WhatsApp users to edit the image on their computer.

Link Previews: People often share links on WhatsApp to share content with their family and friends. WhatsApp’s link preview feature enables WhatsApp users to preview links so that they have more context about what they’ve shared and what they’re going to see or teach.

Sticker Suggestions: WhatsApp has also made it faster and easier to find the right stickers on its platform. With contextual stickers, users will now be prompted for sticker suggestions as they type, which in turn will enable them to find the right stickers for the ongoing conversation.

Payment Stickers: WhatsApp has also added payment stickers to its platform. These stickers have been created in collaboration with five female artists in India and help users add context to money transfers. It helps the user to differentiate between payment and money transferred on other occasions.

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