Is it right or wrong to share Aadhar Card on social media?  Know the answer

Is it right or wrong to share Aadhar Card on social media? Know the answer

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They all know that how important is the Aadhar card in our country. But many people unknowingly share the Aadhar card or its information on social media platforms. Such people do not know what harm can be caused by this. UIDAI also keeps alerting Aadhar card holders for this. Today we will tell you how an unknown person can harm you with your Aadhaar details. So let’s know about it.

don’t forget to share
If you share your Aadhar card or its details on any social media platform, fraud can happen with you. This can be of many types because Aadhar is also linked with PAN card. In such a situation, there is a possibility of financial fraud. This can be harmful for you in many ways. To avoid this, you should not share your Aadhar card on social media even by forgetting.

UIDAI alerts
UIDAI also alerts Aadhar card holders regarding this. In its official tweet, UIDAI said that do not share Aadhaar card details on your social media platforms, if you have done it by mistake, then delete it immediately.

Helpline number issued
Any problem related to Aadhar card can be solved by the helpline number issued by Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI). UIDAI is providing information related to Aadhar card in 13 languages ​​and for this special number 1947 has also been issued.

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