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Moto E7 Plus price, review, design, camera and Gaming performance

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Motorola is introducing new smartphones in India. Price 9,499 in India. However, Moto E7 Plus has some drawbacks that can make potential buyers think twice. To know what they are?

Moto E7 Plus design

In my first Moto E7 Plus comment, I mentioned that this device reminds me a lot of the Moto G9. Yes, the design is very similar, and there are some things I like about Moto E7 Plus. My review unit must have blur colors first. Smartphone manufacturers typically choose solid colors over budget devices, but ending the trend helps Moto E7 Plus stand out. Motorola has flattened the edges of Moto E7 Plus in the same way as it did with the Moto G9, and the frame slowly rotates backwards.

For the selfie camera, you get a 6.5-inch display with a huge drop-down mark at the top, which sits under a thin airstrip. Motorola’s power and volume buttons are well posted as they are easily accessible with a touch of the phone. The power button loses texture, making it easy to completely detach from the feel.

Motorola has chosen a dual camera setup on Moto E7 Plus that sits just above the fingerprint scanner in the right position. This camera module is not highly extended. Moto E7 Plus’s top is naked.

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Moto E7 Plus

Moto E7 Plus description

One thing that is out on the special sheet is the Qualcomm Snapdragon 460SC. This is not the first smartphone in India with this new SoC, but it is the first smartphone I have tested. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 460 is an 11nm process-based Ocata Core SOC and is set to 1.8GHz. Motorola has launched Moto E7 Plus in India in just one configuration with 4 GB RAM and 64 GB storage.

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Moto E7 Plus performance and battery life

With 4GB of RAM, multitasking is not a problem, and I can easily switch between multiple apps. I also got a fingerprint scanner with face recognition to unlock the smartphone.

As you go out, the display has good viewing angles and brightness. I participated in the benchmark on Moto E7 Plus and it scored 143,024 points.

Gaming performance

The gaming performance on Moto E7 Plus is decent and I can play at a high frame rate without any problems with Call of Duty at moderate graphics quality. I played for 15 minutes, and the battery level dropped to 3%. Moto E7 Plus just came in a little touch. Casual games run well and like us the device does not get hot when playing titles.

Battery life

Battery life on Moto E7 Plus is very good. It ran for 18 hours 23 minutes in our HD video loop test. With my use, I had a chance to use a day and half before plugging in to charge. Even Xiaomi Redmi 9 (review) has gone back to using the micro USB port.

Moto E7 Plus

If your current smartphone has a micro USB port, you won’t have to worry about it, but people who are now using a Type-C device will skip this feature. Moto has bundled a 10W charger with Moto E7 Plus, and is relatively slow. It charged the phone 22% in 30 minutes and 43% in an hour.

Moto E7 Plus camera

Motorola has taken a dual camera setup for the E7 Plus. Along with this primary sensor, Moto has also used a 2 megapixel depth sensor.

Motorola’s camera application is very easy to use and I have no problem with it. Photo mode gives you the option to test ISO, focus, white balance and manual control for exposure. The daylight illustrations are well crafted and well detailed with proper sophistication. The phone automatically activates HDR for bright scenes and is quick to take shots. With close articles, it had sharp results with soft blurring in the background.

There is an intense camera to use in portrait mode, but I have noticed that Moto E7 Plus makes photos of people and animals better than objects. He managed to find a good edge and you will have the option to determine the level of the blot before taking a picture. The performance of the low light camera was average and the output was soft. Enabling Night mode causes a rapid shift in output, giving brighter and sharper images. It takes about two seconds to capture a phone shot, and I recommend using Night Mode Post Sunday only.

Selfies taken during the day are good and there is also a portrait mode with which you can set the level of opacity. Faces for selfie portraits with phone masks could not be found. Selfie was average compared to low light.

Video recording on Moto E7 Plus is limited to the primary as well as the selfie shooter.

Moto E7 Plus

Final opinion

Its performance is decent, and should keep many budget phone buyers happy. Its long battery life helps you to last a full day without worrying about charging. However, the micro USB port here is a bee in the ointment.

Camera performance is good, and while this phone only has two cameras, it perform very well. If you want a good all-rounder and a clean user interface, Moto E7 Plus is what you want to find.